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Advantages at a glance

  • Your online banking login details are the key for accessing online banking. If your login details have been compromised, you will no longer be able to continue using them to log in.
  • You can now save the devices you use most frequently as trusted devices by verifying them with an additional security check. Once done, you will be able to log in from these devices in future without any additional security checks.

How to

In future, when logging into online banking, you will be given the option to save the device from which you are logging in.

When logging in from an unknown device, you will always have to verify your identity with a chipTAN or through the S-pushTAN app in addition to entering your login name and online banking PIN. This will make online banking even safer for you. However, when you are logging in from a trusted device, the system will recognise you and you will be able to log in with just your login name and online banking PIN.

Active phase: from mid-July 2023

In future, when logging in, you can choose to save the device you are using so that you will not have to pass an extra security check in future when logging in from this device.

After clicking [Continue], the application will check whether the device is already known and has been saved. In this scenario, the device has not yet been saved. Next, the input field for entering your online banking PIN will come up. There will also be a button (toggle switch) you can use to save the device if it has been recognised.

In future, you will also be able to see that you are logging in from a recognised device when logging in.

Important prerequisite: Allowing cookies

Our website will only be able to recognise trusted devices if you allow cookies in your browser. It will also be unable to recognise trusted devices if you delete cookies or use a different browser. In this case, you will need to verify your identity again when logging in.



What is device recognition?

Our website will memorise the device or browser from which you log into online banking during the log-in process. This applies regardless of whether you are using a computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

Each time you log in after that, our website will automatically check whether it recognises your device or browser.

Why do I need device recognition?

In future, you will only be able to log into online banking after passing two security checks. This will make online banking safer and is the same as the additional TAN or S-pushTAN app verifications already needed to make transfers.

It is called two-factor authentication, significantly increases online security and is currently the gold standard for protecting access to accounts.

Device recognition is a method that was developed in order to make two-factor authentication easier. When logging in from a trusted (known) device, you will be able to continue logging in – just as before – after passing just one additional security check, which is entering your PIN.

Do I have to use device recognition?

No, device recognition is not compulsory, but we would recommend it. If you do not opt for device recognition, you will have to pass two security checks every time you log in. This means you will have to enter your PIN and a TAN or verify your identity through the S-pushTAN app.

Why is my device not being recognised even though I have saved it as trusted?

This is most probably because you have deactivated cookies in your browser, which can be easily remedied by activating them. Some browsers are configured to automatically delete all cookies when they are closed.

Sometimes, your cookies may also be deleted by anti-virus software or a browser plugin you may be using. Please make sure that it is possible to use cookies on your device for online banking if you want to use device recognition.

In what cases do I need to enter a TAN or pass an additional security check?

You may be required to pass an additional security check by entering a TAN or verifying your identity through the S-pushTAN app when logging into online banking in the following cases:

  • Saving a device as trusted does not remove the need to regularly verify your identity for online banking as legally required under the EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2). This is why you will still be required to verify your identity again every now and then by entering a TAN or through the S-pushTAN app in future.
  • If you are using a new device that you have never used before (e.g. new notebook, tablet or smartphone) or a new browser.
  • You have configured your browser to delete cookies every time it is closed.
  • You are using a private browsing mode on your browser.
  • You are using additional software, firewalls or browser plug-ins that block certain browser functions.
  • With some virus scanners (e.g. Kaspersky), it may also be necessary to define corresponding exceptions.
  • If you do not use device recognition, you will always have to verify your identity by entering a TAN or on the S-pushTAN app in addition to your user name and PIN every time you log in.
How many devices can I save?

There is currently no limit on the number of devices you can save.

Where can I manage my saved devices?

You can manage the devices you have saved as trusted in online banking under “Security and TANs”.

Are the additional security checks, i.e. using TANs or the S-pushTAN app, free?

Yes, they are free.

Staying save online

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