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Always available


Always available

  • Quick access to your accounts and savings accounts
  • Easy to access from your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Choose from a range of different security procedures                 

Online banking methods at a glance

Online banking allows you to access your account 24/7 – easily and conveniently from a PC, smartphone or tablet.

In order to protect your account, many of the transactions require confirmation with a TAN (TransAction Number). Simply select whichever of the different security procedures best meets your needs.

Online banking with pushTAN

  • Free
  • Perfect for mobile banking
  • For phones, tablets and computers (browser or Sparkassen-App)
  • Confirm transactions with S-pushTAN app

Online banking with chipTAN

  • Free (one-off fee of 23,90 Euro for TAN generator)
  • Perfect for accessing your account from a computer or laptop
  • Can also be used with phones and tablets (browser or Sparkassen-App)
  • For generating TANs with a Sparkassen-Card (debit card) and wireless TAN generator

Emergency number 116 116

Our emergency number for blocking any of your cards and Online-Banking access is available 24/7.

Safe and secure Online-Banking

All it takes to make your online banking as safe as possible is following a few simple rules.


Online banking with pushTAN

Online banking on smartphone, tablet and computer – with the S-pushTAN app.

  • Free
  • Fast and convenient confirmation of payments (no more writing down codes)
  • The authorization code is sent to the S-pushTAN app, which is password-protected
  • The security of pushTAN is confirmed by the safety standards authority (TÜV – Technischer Überwachungs-Verein)

Secure payment method with pushTAN

Each time you make a payment, you will receive a request in the S-pushTAN app on your mobile phone or tablet to approve the payment in your online banking.


With the free app, you always have your finances in check.

S-pushTAN app

Each order must be authorized in the S-pushTAN app.


Online banking with chipTAN

With the new chipTAN QR procedure and your Sparkassen-Card (debit card), you can generate your individual TAN in just a few seconds. This will make online banking even simpler, faster and more flexible.

  • Free (one-off fee of 23,90 Euro for TAN generator)
  • For online banking at home on your computer – also with financial software
  • For banking with a smartphone or tablet – either via the browser or the Sparkassen-App
  • You generate an individual TAN for each order using a TAN generator and your Sparkassen-Card
  • The security is confirmed by the safety standards authority (TÜV – Technischer Überwachungs-Verein)
Instructions and help

Instructions and help

Here you will find helpful step-by-step instructions for your mobile banking. For example, if you have forgotten your online banking login details or want to unlock your online banking. All you need is your S-pushTAN-App and your Sparkassen-Card (debit card).

Setting up the S-pushTAN-App

The S-pushTAN-App allows you to easily and securely authorise online banking transactions. This guide explains how to set it up and what you’ll need to do so.

Forgotten username or password/PIN

These instructions explain what to do if you have forgotten your online banking login details (username or PIN).

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Looking for help with something else? Our practical guides cover everything you need to know about online banking and our Sparkasse products.