Basis Credit Card

Broaden the horizon

Basis Credit Card

Broaden the horizon

  • Pay everywhere easily and safely
  • Full expenditure control
  • You can choose from more than 100 card motives

Set yourself a personal limit

  • The Basis Credit Card is charged by transfer from its referential account
  • All payment features of a “real” credit card are supported
  • Use more than 24 million places of acceptance and over 700,000 ATMs worldwide plus the possibility of paying by credit card on the Internet
  • A Basis Credit Card can be issued to people from age 14
  • Minors benefit from a reasonable starter price

No matter whether you are shopping online from the comfort of your home or at some exotic bazaar abroad – our Credit Card will make your shopping experience a pleasure to remember and 100 percent safe. Each of our different credit cards furthermore comes with a number of special benefits, including travel insurance and other useful services.
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Type of Credit Card  Monthly price 

Visa Card or Mastercard Basis


Leading card: 2.50 Euros* (from 18 years)
Youth card:     1.50 Euros* (from 14 years)

*price for the card is calculated once a year

Cash withdrawals abroad

Withdraw money from cash machines worldwide - using your PIN. The applicable fee is dependant on the credit card pricing model from your Sparkasse, additional charges may occur*.

Online buyer protection

Credit cards are highly secure and offer a high level of protection. However, should you ever run into trouble when shopping online, your buyer protection will give you even greater security.

Warmly welcomed the world over

Your credit card will allow you make cashless payments all over the world. Cashless payments within Europe are furthermore free. You will only be charged a fee for using your card when making payments in a foreign currency.

* Foreign cash machine operators may charge fees that are outside your Sparkasse's control. Please note your Sparkasse's price and service list.

Emergency number
+49 116 116

Our emergency number for blocking any of your cards and online banking access is open 24/7.